The 85th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony Recap


The 85th Academy Awards show is now in the record books. With host Seth MacFarlane (sans Stewie, unfortunately), Hollywood’s big night was full of fashion, surprises, musical numbers a-go-go (“Gold-fin-GAH” anyone?) and speeches great and, well, not so great (although the Jaws theme was a nice touch when time was running out). Overall, it was a reminder about what a terrific year it’s been for movies, including animated ones.

The big winner in the Best Animated Film category was Pixar’s gorgeous original fairy tale Brave. On hand to accept the Academy Award for the film were directors Mark Andrews (in a kilt, even) and Brenda Chapman, the film’s original director (and also the first female director to win for Best Animated Feature). TV audiences also got to see Chapman’s daughter in attendance, who the character Merida is based upon (although Chapman’s daughter is a blonde). While Brave wasn’t our first choice for the trophy here at Animation Fascination, we are always happy to see our friends at Pixar win. Congratulations!

John Kahrs

The Best Animated Short Film award went to Disney’s innovative and charming short Paperman. Director John Kahrs was at the Dolby Theater to accept the award. Our staff here picked Paperman as the favorite short this year, too. The last Disney animated short to win an Academy Award was 1969’s It’s Tough to Be a Bird. Congrats are also in order to our friends at Walt Disney Animation Studios for this well-deserved award!

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