Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella Makes US Premiere At SXSW Film Festival

2013-01-31-sxsw_bannerAs much as fans look forward to Pixar’s feature length films, there’s always equally as much excitement about the short films that accompany them. With Monsters University is the next Pixar film to find its way to the silver screen (on June 21,2013) and the short accompanying it will be The Blue Umbrella (directed by Saschka Unseld). However, if you happen to find yourself in Austin, TX during this year’s SXSW Film Festival, you’ll get a chance to see the short stand on its own two feet.

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Meet the Students and Faculty of Monsters University!

Pixar Post - Monsters University ID Card

Pixar’s next film, Monsters University (a prequel to 2001’s much beloved Monsters, Inc.), will be in theaters in just a few short months (June 21st, to be exact). In the past few weeks we’ve witnessed an aggressively awesome marketing campaign. Pixar has unveiled a new trailer, an extended preview and viral videos; all of which have served as equal parts refresher as well as reintroduction to the world of Monstropolis. Today, eight new character posters and college IDs were released, providing fans with a detailed look at monsters old and new.

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“Animation Fascination” Episode 37: Alex Mandel – Pixar Composer

AF 37

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Can you hear the music?

In this episode Marc and Matt interview Annie Award nominated Pixar composer Alex Mandel. We discuss Alex’s influences on his music, how he came to work for Pixar, Mickey Mouse-ing, and what it’s like to have an iTunes library in your head. Alex also talks about the collaborative process at Pixar and the 25 verse version of one of the songs he wrote for Brave.

The new trailers for Monsters University and From Up on Poppy Hill as well as our recommendations are also brought up.

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Dreamworks and Netflix Come Together For Exclusive Animated Series


Despite being a few months away from its July 19th opening, Dreamworks already has a huge amount of faith in its upcoming 3-D CG feature, Turbo; a film about a snail named Turbo with big dreams that, after an accidental turn of events, gains super speed. Dreamworks is showing that faith by joining forces with media-streaming powerhouse Netflix to bring Turbo to the small screen with its own series, Turbo: F.A.S.T. (Fast Action Stunt Team).

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Albert Brooks Confirmed For Finding Nemo Sequel


In July of last year, Deadline reported that Disney•Pixar were moving ahead with a sequel to their 2003 Oscar winning blockbuster, Finding Nemo. At the time, director Andrew Stanton and Ellen DeGeneres were attached to return, but Albert Brooks remained a hold out. That is, until today. Now, thanks again to Deadline.com, we have confirmation that, thanks to an apparent “fat deal” Brooks will return to the beloved franchise as Nemo’s father, Marlin.

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MUST SEE: Second Trailer for Monsters University


Just the other day we posted an extended preview of Pixar’s next film, Monsters University. Today the second trailer was released and it sure looks like we’re going to get yet another masterful film from the hopping lamp.

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Watch This Now!: The Academy Awards Best Animated Short Nominees


It happens every year. The Oscars show up and when it gets to the Best Animated Short category, you find yourself wondering, “How on Earth does one go about seeing these shorts in the first place?” Well, thanks to some great effort by FirstShowing.Net, now you can!

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Laika Announces Third Feature Film: The Boxtrolls!

boxtrolls copy

If you’re a fan of us here at Animation Fascination, than you know that we have a deep love  and appreciation for Laika; the animation company who, along with Focus Features, brought us 2009’s Coraline and last year’s amazing ParaNorman. Well, it looks like the two companies are coming together again for a third collaboration with The Boxtrolls.

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