Wreck-It Ralph 2 On The Way?


Just in time for the Blu-Ray release of Disney’s blockbuster hit Wreck-It Ralph comes speculation (note the question mark in the headline) of a possible sequel. Even better, said speculation comes straight from the director’s mouth! Details and more after the jump!

In a recent (and very insightful) interview The Huffington Post did with Rich Moore, Wreck-It Ralph’s director, Moore covered a lot of bases regarding the film’s mass success. Questions ranging from the recent award season to Wreck-It Ralph now holding the record for Disney’s best opening weekend. It was the very end of the article, though, that caught our attention. When asked about a sequel to the film, Moore replied,

Oh, yeah. My experience was so tremendous on this film and the animators, the designers, the story artists, the actors — I know everyone here had a good time making the film. I’ve talked with John and Sarah and we would all love to visit that world again and work with those characters again. We would jump at the opportunity. We’re all crossing our fingers about as far as you can cross them that we get a chance to do that.”

As I said to start with, merely speculation. I did, however, do a bit more digging and found another interview conducted by Moviehole back in December where not only did Moore and John C. Reilly, the voice of Wreck-It Ralph, confirm that a sequel was already in the works but they even had their sights set on how to work everyone’s favorite video game plumber into the next film.

We’ll really come up with something good for Mario to do [in the next film]“, says Moore. “To be able to present him in the sequel, would be great!”

For his part, Reilly installs his senses of intuition and plain old good sense in regards to a sequel.

“The movie made $150 million dollars in eleven days, it broke the box-office record for Disney animated movies on opening weekend. If that’s any indication that we’ll be doing a sequel… I bet we’ll be doing a sequel.”

There you have it, loyal readers. From the looks of it, there’s definitely going to be a Wreck-It Ralph 2 in the Disney pipeline. The more important question, for me at least, is a sequel really a good idea? Sound off in the comments with your feelings and own personal speculation!

4 thoughts on “Wreck-It Ralph 2 On The Way?

  1. I Can not wait for the sequel I went to see Wreck-It-Ralph on the first day of released and loved it so much I had to see it once more and I cant wait to own the DVD so let there be a sequel there are so many options. I feel that Ralph deserves a love interest , maybe his little friend Vanellope

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