Turbo Trailer Racing to Theaters (and your browser)

turbo-slow-no-more-poster 2

As DreamWorks Animation readies to launch its newest animated property, The
Croods this weekend, the new trailer for their summer film, Turbo, has hit the net.

Turbo stars Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) as Theo, a snail who aspires to be
something more: The fastest living thing on the planet. In typical animated film
fashion, Theo gets his wish and even gets to race in the real-life IndyCar circuit. I’m
sure that he’ll learn a valuable lesson about being himself and in the end he’ll be a
much better snail than when we first met him. But if this beautiful new trailer is any
indication, the journey that Theo takes will be one wild ride.


The trailer for Turbo will be attached to The Croods, but you can watch it here:

Turbo, from DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox, races to
theaters on July 18th, 2013.

2 thoughts on “Turbo Trailer Racing to Theaters (and your browser)

  1. Not looking forward to it at all! Somewhat silly idea to me: snail racing human race car drivers after going through a Marvel Comics’ superhero-like transformation making him the fastest snail ever: Not looking forward to it!

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