Netflix Streaming Drops a Cartoon Network/Adult Swim Bomb On Your Queue!


If you’re a fan of animation than Netflix Streaming has just become your new best friend. Starting today, Netflix has added 26 Cartoon Network and Adult Swim series’ to their Instant Streaming service and quite a few of those have multiple seasons available.

The shows included range from many of the channels latest hits, including the first seasons of Adventure Time and Regular Show. There’s also some classics mixed in with the first seasons of Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo and 3 seasons of The Powerpuff Girls. There’s also some love for the Adult Swimmers out there with seasons of Aqua Teen Hunger ForceMetalocalypse and my personal favorite, Squidbillies.

Below is an alphabetical listing of all of the recently added series. Simply click the name of the show and it will take you directly to Netflix to add it to your queue. If it’s a series with multiple seasons, click the corresponding season number.

Now the only question that remains is what do we watch first?!

4 thoughts on “Netflix Streaming Drops a Cartoon Network/Adult Swim Bomb On Your Queue!

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  2. No Space Ghost? Sealab? Brak Show? Tim & Eric? Eric Andre Show? As you can tell, I have very weird tastes.

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