Rumor: Bruce Timm to Develop New Justice League Animated Series


Good news for DC fans, CBM have reported a rumor that Bruce Timm, the man behind Batman: The Animated Series will helm a new Justice League cartoon.

Late last week DC announced that Timm would be stepping down from his supervising producer role. In recent years he has developed some of the studios greatest animated features including Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and so news of this change came as a shock but worry not, a recent tweet from WB animation publicist Gary Miereanu clarified the situation:

“Bruce Timm is stepping away from the DCU Animated Original Movies for a bit … but he’ll be back – in a very big way.” – Gary Miereanu (@SuperPRGuy)

“Bruce Timm continues his amazing work at Warner Bros. He’s only taking a break from DCU films to develop more of the stuff you love.” – Gary Miereanu (@SuperPRGuy)

“Honestly, he never left. Green Lantern Animated series … The Flaming C … Dark Knight Returns. And something new and cool.” – Gary Miereanu (@SuperPRGuy)

The source of the rumor is apparently a member of staff within the WB Burbank offices and if true, can only be good news for comic book and movie fans alike. We know that DC, albeit slowly, are gearing up for their Justice League movie and an animated series could mean some great continuity in story, universe and character for the beloved team. Watch this space to find out if the hearsay is genuine.

What do you guys & gals think? Let us know in the comments below.

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