Composer Michael Giacchino to Return to Pixar


In a bit of exciting news from composer Michael Giacchino, he’s reportedly returning to Pixar Animation Studios to score an as of yet unannounced project. In the past Giacchino has scored six short films and four feature films for the studio.

Recently while in Lucerne, Switzerland for a Star Trek Live event, Owley Samter a local blogger spoke with Giacchino about his future projects. In Giacchino’s interview he stated the he was working on a:

“project I cannot tell you about. And, a future Pixar thing.”

Giacchino unfortunately said he couldn’t give any further details, but indicated the film had not been announced yet. Currently Michael Giacchino is working with Brad Bird on his  latest film, Tomorrowland, set to arrive in theaters December 2014.

I’m pretty excited to heard that Michael Giacchino will be working with Pixar again, as his past work for the studio has been truly outstanding not to mention all of the music he’s composed outside of Pixar… ahem, Lost anyone?

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