Wallace and Gromit off on a ‘Great Adventure’


Unfortunately the next installment of Wallace and Gromit’s ever expanding resume will not be a feature-length film. Aardman’s famous duo, who have traveled as far as the Earth’s moon, will not be going abroad this year. Instead the plasticine partners will be touring the country as part of several adverts made to encourage the British public to book with their local travel agents and sample some home delights instead of vacationing abroad.

The £4m (approx. $6.1 million USD) government-funded campaign will blast off next month across TV, cinema and digital platforms and will be called their Great Adventure.

Their creator Nick Park said:

“Leisure time has always been very important to Wallace & Gromit, so it’s great to see them making this holiday choice. A nice cup of tea and some tasty local cheese is always a favorite so they won’t be disappointed with their holiday in the UK.”

It seems as though after all this time Nick has not lost his affection for the characters which is great to see. For me any chance to see the pair in action is exciting news and Aardman’s past adverts have been excellent pieces of animation so watch this space as we will endeavor to let you know as soon as they land.

On a side note, if you too are fans of the studio or their characters keep an eye out in May as I will be visiting the studio in Bristol and meeting with director Peter Lord and discussing his last film, future projects and all things animation. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well so you don’t miss out.

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