‘The Lonely Dodo’ – an Aardman animation


Aardman studios have collaborated with brand agency The Frameworks to create a 2D digital animation for Durrell, a Jersey based conservation group committed to saving species from extinction. The charming animation follows the journey of the last Dodo on earth (voiced my Alistair McGowan) while he searches for a mate. The film also features several other endangered animals with which Durrell works including the Hispaniolan Solenodon, Pied Tamarin, Ploughshare Tortoise, Floreana Mockingbird, Pink Pigeon, and the Mountain Chicken Frog, who narrates the story and is voiced by Stephen Fry.

Discussing the project Aardman director Matthew Walker said:

“It was a truly wonderful experience working with Durrell to create The Lonely Dodo. They gave us the freedom to produce what we hope is a funny and informative film, which is significantly enhanced by the exceptional vocal talents of Stephen Fry and Alistair McGowan. We really hope that it reaches the global audience it deserves!”


“We know that currently there are more species either in the process of becoming extinct or in grave danger of doing so, than ever before in the history of man.”

The project took 12 months to complete and the conservation team anticipates that it will be their most successful campaign in the charities history. They hope to get 250,000 views over the next year, inspiring people to support their cause.

It’s great to see Aardman producing more 2D animation and what a worthwhile cause. I love how the film makes comparison between loneliness and extinction, a superb way of connecting the audience with the character. It definitely left me with food for thought.

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