More Rumors About Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Next Film

Walt Disney Animation Studios

The rumors are flying about what’s next for Walt Disney Animation Studios after 2013’s Frozen. While Disney has announced an “untitled” film from Walt Disney Animation Studios is set to be released November 2014, no additional information has been officially released.

Persistent rumors are that Tangled director Byron Howard is slated to direct the film. A story was recently published in Hollywood Reporter stating that Jason Bateman was also in talks to star in the picture.

While it’s standard operating procedure to have multiple possible films in development, other rumors include that a new Disney animated film will be directed by The Little Mermaid and Aladdin co-directors Ron Clements and John Musker.

We’re hoping that Disney will make some formal announcements soon, most likely at Disney’s D23 Expo in August 2013. Stay tuned to Animation Fascination for the latest updates.

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