Animated Short ‘Pixels’ to be Made Into Feature Film


Great news today as an animated short is being adapted into a feature film. The multi award-winning French short, directed by Patrick Jean and titled Pixels, came to our computer screens 3 years ago receiving over a million views in one night. Amongst 30 other awards the short was the recipient of the prestigious Annecy Cristal at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival back in 2011.

The concept of the short was a New York invasion of the 8-bit kind. Popular games characters such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man come to life and wreak havoc on the city destroying subway stations and buildings.

You can view the entire short below:

Little is known of the films synopsis other than it will be “a Ghostbusters-style action comedy in which characters come out of a video game to wreak havoc in the real world.” Director Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) has been approached by Columbia and Happy Madison productions to direct and Jean will be executive producer (although according to Jean’s website he is the director… time will tell on that one).

Anyway encouraging news for the animation community, you never know who might be watching your work so keep at it.

2 thoughts on “Animated Short ‘Pixels’ to be Made Into Feature Film

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