Pixar’s New Short ‘The Blue Umbrella’ Builds on Tradition and Innovation


Animation Magazine has a fantastic new story about the making of Pixar Animation Studios’ new short The Blue Umbrella, which will be shown in theaters front of Monsters University.

The short tells the story of two umbrellas who fall in love in a rainstorm. Director Saschka Unseld said:

“I thought it would be great to make the film a love declaration to the rain, showing how pretty a city in the rain could be. Everything fell into place: if it’s a love declaration to the rain, the story should be a love story…I am a sucker for love stories!”


The animation is reported to be done in a very photorealistic style. Unseld told Animation Magazine that “in test screenings to outside audiences the viewers always asked how much of the film was live action–the answer, of course, is none of it.” The short is also one of the first films to use Pixar’s new global illumination technology, which we’ll get to enjoy while watching Monsters University as well.

The article includes some great new artwork from the short along with lots of details about the short’s development and production. Make sure to check it out!

The Blue Umbrella opens in in U.S. theaters on June 21 in front of Monsters University.

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