‘Get a Horse!’ Demonstrates Disney History, Artistry and Innovation

"GET A HORSE!" ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Walt Disney Animation Studios debuted their new short Get a Horse! at the Annecy International Animation Festival last week. According to reports, the short is a “clever (and impressive) blend of traditional 2D animation and CG animation” that has resulted in a final product that is “simply stunning.”

Disney animators Eric Goldberg and Adam Green led the presentation. HitFix reports:

“Evidently, they opened the presentation by talking about how storyboards had been found for an unfinished Mickey Mouse short, and then the classics ‘Plane Crazy’ and ‘Steamboat Willie’ were shown. Perfect way to set the stage for what happened to those recently discovered storyboards. As ‘Get A Horse!’ begins, it appears to be an actual 1928 Disney cartoon, but at some point, the screen shakes and a full-color 3D rendered Mickey Mouse appears in the cartoon. From that point on, the film mixes the ’20s style hand animation and modern cutting edge 3D work, with the beginning of Disney’s legacy colliding to what sounds like hilarious effect with the latest and most technically polished expression of Disney’s vision.”

The short also uses a vocal track of Walt Disney himself as the voice of Mickey Mouse.

An attendee stated:

“After Paperman, Walt Disney Animation Studios…prove[s] once again that they know their heritage and intend to use it. A technical bid, they prefer the technical (new or not, but always used cleverly) serving a true story, touching and moving.”

Get a Horse! is rumored to play in front of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ animated feature Frozen which opens in U.S. theaters November 27, 2013.

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