Sean Connery Resurfaces in ‘Sir Billi’, Release Date Confirmed

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Legendary Scottish actor, Sir Sean Connery, best known as the first cinematic James Bond, stepped away from acting in 2003 after producing and starring in the Warner Bros. flop, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Connery virtually disappeared from the limelight, calling his self-imposed exile a “retirement.”

Now, ten years later, Connery has returned to voice the lead role in the new Scottish animated feature, Sir Billi. The animated film, made entirely in Scotland by Glasgow Animation, follows the adventure of an aging (think geriatric) skateboarder (Connery) who must pick up his board and skate again to save the life of a beaver named Bessie Boo. Along the way, Sir Billi will team with a goat (voiced by Alan Cummings) and battle corrupt cops, scientists, and even take on a submarine on his skateboard.

Yes, you read that right.

The feature is a far cry from the man who brought James Bond to life, and starred in such films as Highlander and The Name of The Rose. The first trailer for the film shows the lack of polish one would expect from a production like this, and one must wonder how and why Connery would lend his talents to such a project.

Regardless of reason, Sir Billi is distributed by Pinnacle Films and will hit international theaters on September 13, 2013 and will most assuredly hit the DVD market mere hours afterward.

Source: JoBlo, Pinnacle Films

3 thoughts on “Sean Connery Resurfaces in ‘Sir Billi’, Release Date Confirmed

  1. “Sh”ean Connery take”sh” on a “sh”ubmarine on his “sh”kateboard? How “sh”cintillating! Ha”sh”n’t this movie been in production for the longe”sh”t while?

    (Wow, it’s hard to do celebrity impressions via text!)

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