UPDATE: Bob Peterson No Longer Directing ‘The Good Dinosaur’


We’ve read on the excellent (and well-sourced) Blue Sky Disney blog that Bob Peterson is no longer the director of Pixar’s feature film The Good Dinosaur.

According to the blog’s owner and author Honor Hunter:

“The producer and director of the film had been removed, but the film is not as of yet in turnaround. John Lasseter has reportedly taken Bob Peterson off the film, and is attempting to still meet the 2014 release date.”

At the D23 Expo earlier this month, Bob Peterson was not in attendance. I don’t think his name was listed on any of the slides in the presentation either. Instead, co-director Peter Sohn and producer Denise Ream were on stage to discuss the film during the animation arena presentation. I wondered where Bob Peterson was, but really didn’t give it a second thought until I read this news today.

Honor Hunter is typically a reliable source of information. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more. The Good Dinosaur is still scheduled to be released in U.S. theaters on May 30, 2014 as far as we know.

[UPDATE – 08/30/13]

The L.A. Times has confirmed that Bob Peterson is no longer directing The Good Dinosaur.

Pixar Animation Studios’ president Ed Catmull told The L.A. Times:

“All directors get really deep in their films. Sometimes you just need a different perspective to get the idea out. Sometimes directors … are so deeply embedded in their ideas it actually takes someone else to finish it up. I would go so far as to argue that a lot of live-action films would be better off with that same process.”

From what we understand, Bob is still employed at Pixar. We’ll keep you informed as we learn more. What are your thoughts on this situation?

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Bob Peterson No Longer Directing ‘The Good Dinosaur’

  1. I find it weird that they would remove him 9 months before the movie is t be released. Shouldn’t the movie be almost done or in post-production by now? I am starting to get worried about Pixar.

  2. I trust their judgement… Although I am upset to hear about it. But the fresh perspective thing is a smart idea, coming from a film-student-standpoint. It’s a well known fact that one must “kill their darlings” so to speak for the betterment of them.

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