Meet Combat Carl from ‘Toy Story OF TERROR!’


We’re all stoked for Pixar Animation Studios’ upcoming TV special Toy Story OF TERROR!  The special also gives us a chance to meet Combat Carl, a character referenced in the original Toy Story (a Combat Carl toy meets an unfortunate demise in Sid’s back yard). New artwork was released showing a closeup of the new character.  Combat Carl is voiced by Rocky and Predator actor Carl Weathers.

In addition to the picture of Combat Carl, Pixar has released five more images from the special.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Heading to the small screen before Halloween, Toy Story OF TERROR!‘ features the gang taking a road trip to Bonnie’s grandmother’s house before everything takes an unexpected turn. On a detour leading them to a roadside motel, one of the toys goes missing, and the others find themselves caught in an eerie turn of events that must be stopped before they suffer the same fate.”


Directed by Angus MacLane, Toy Story OF TERROR! premieres on October 16th on ABC (check your local listings).

Source: The Pixar Times

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