Paul McCartney Novel to Become Animated Musical Feature


RGH Entertainment and Unique Features have announced that they will be making a 3D CGI animated feature film based on Sir Paul McCartney’s 2005 children’s novel High in the Clouds.

The feature will be directed by Tony Bancroft (Mulan). The screenwriter for the project is Josh Klausner (Shrek Forever After, Date Night). Producers are RGH’s David Corbett and Randa Ayoubi and Unique Features’ Bob Shaye and David Michael Lynne.

Producer Randa Ayoubi stated:

“It’s a great privilege for us at RGH to be bringing this endearing and entertaining tale to the big screen in 3D. Working with Unique Features, we hope to translate ‘High in the Clouds’ into a memorable movie experience and launch a franchise to be enjoyed by children and families for many generations.”

Paul McCartney will be writing original songs for the project. McCartney said about the film:

“’High in the Clouds’ is a passion project for me. I am thrilled to be working in partnership with Randa Ayoubi and David Corbett at RGH, and David Michael Lynne and Bob Shaye of Unique Features. Working with the highly creative talent at these companies together with Josh Klausner and Tony Bancroft, we will be able to create a warm, funny and moving animated film that will resonate with worldwide audiences.”

Paul McCartney also recently contributed a song to the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 soundtrack. His latest album entitled “New” will be released on October 15.

Source: Animation Magazine

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