They Really Will Never Stop ‘The Simpsons’! Homer And The Gang Renewed For 26th Season

FOX's 'The Simpsons" - Season Tweny Four

Way back when in The Simpsons‘s thirteenth season, an episode titled Gump Roast (DABF12 for those in the know), ended with the catchy tune They’ll Never Stop The Simpsons, which was merely a clever exercise in self-deprecation on a show that, 13 years in, was still quite beloved. Nearly 12 years later that song has turned quite prophetic as FOX has just renewed the entire town of Springfield for one more season.

Despite the show getting ever closer to the 30 year mark, not to mention dealing with every fart-sniffing elitist on the internet (Oh, the show isn’t as good as it used to be? What an original opinion!), The Simpsons has not only remained quite relevant in an entertainment landscape that gets spread thinner every day, but has done so rather impressively. The Season 25 opener that aired two weeks ago took the top spot among Adults 18-49 and was a 12% increase over the last year’s opener for Season 24.

In celebration of yet another season of adventures involving my favorite family, here’s the INCREDIBLE couch gag sequence directed by Guillermo del Toro from this past week’s Treehouse of Horror Episode. See if you can name all of the references!

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