Interview with Will Friedle Coming Soon to “Animation Fascination” Podcast

Will Friedle Bumblebee

I had the pleasure recently of interviewing actor and writer Will Friedle. Will has been busy promoting the latest Transformers animated TV movie entitled Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Predacons Rising, which premiered on the Hub Network last week and is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Many of us know Will from his portrayal of Eric Matthews in the classic ABC sitcom Boy Meets World. Will keeps himself incredibly busy these days with animation voice over work. He’s been involved with a lot of really great animated series over the post-Boy Meets World years, including providing voices for Batman Beyond, Kim Possible, Thundercats, and now Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters where he gets to be the voice of the iconic character Bumblebee.

Will is really enthusiastic about this new CG-animated project. In the interview, he told me that “whether you’re a Transformers fan, a science fiction/fantasy fan or just an animation fan, this hits it out of the park.” 

And on getting to play Bumblebee, he said, “Everytime I get to record, it’s living out a childhood fantasy.”

The entire audio interview will be coming soon to episode 53 of the “Animation Fascination” podcast. Make sure to tune in!

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