What’s This? ‘Nightmare’ Getting Disney Studios’ ‘Second Screen Live’ Treatment


The Walt Disney Studios is trying another round of its “Second Screen Live” (aka everybody use an iPad at the movie theater) experience, this time with their 1993 classic stop-motion animated feature Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Disney’s animated classic The Little Mermaid was the first film to have a Second Screen Live experience a few weeks ago.

From the Disney press release: 

“Second Screen Live is an all-new Walt Disney Studios mobile application that enhances the theatrical moviegoing experience. Unlike the traditional theatrical experience, Second Screen Live is a special screening event for iPad users only where moviegoers are encouraged to ‘break the rules’ and experience a classic film in an exciting new way through gameplay on their tablet device.”

An Apple iPad or iPad mini running iOS 5 or higher are required. Disney is asking that all guests attending install the Second Screen Live: The Nightmare Before Christmas app before arriving at the theater. A list of participating theaters is available here.

While I prefer my movies electronic-device free (and am extremely grateful for theater chains that enforce this policy), Disney seems to want to expand the home use of their “Second Screen” app into the theater. As soon as one of these events occurs in my market, I will give it a try to report on my experience. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy movies in the dark.

One final note–A new 20th anniversary Blu-ray edition  of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is now available, just in time for Halloween (or Christmas).

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