Watch This: Another ‘Frozen’ Trailer—This Time with Music


A new trailer has appeared online for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ highly anticipated feature film Frozen. Check it out after the jump…

This trailer is notable for the fact that it actually highlights that Frozen is not just an action comedy, but it’s a musical, too. It features a first listen of Kristen Bell as Anna singing a new tune by Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.  We get a first look at the trolls in action, as well as seeing some more things that happen in the story. It also contains a bold claim by stating “Experience the greatest Disney animated event since The Lion King.”

Disney appears to be bullish on this movie. We are all excited to check Frozen out when it opens in U.S. theaters in 3D on November 27.

3 thoughts on “Watch This: Another ‘Frozen’ Trailer—This Time with Music

  1. They should have waited to just release this trailer instead of the first one. It definitely pulls you in more with the deeper look at the characters and story, as well as the musical aspect. However, I’m skeptical about the claim that it’ll be the greatest feature since The Lion King. :/ But I suppose I’m a bit biased because TARZAN. MULAN. LILO AND STITCH. Among others..
    More excited to see Frozen anyway now! Yay.

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