It’s a 3-D Movie, Charlie Brown!


Fox and Blue Sky are working on a 3-D CG rendition of the classic comic strip and cartoon Peanuts for release November 25, 2015. So far, Steve Martino (Ice Age: Continental Drift, Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who) is set to direct and it was just announced that Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat, TV’s Freaks and Geeks) will produce. Schulz’s son Craig and grandson Bryan co-wrote the screenplay, which marks the first resurrection of the franchise into a feature since 1980.

The question permeating the blog-o-sphere on this film is “why?” as in “why 3-D?” and “why Charlie Brown?” I do imagine it will be a bit jarring to see the character that was inked by hand for 18,000 strips on the big screen as a rigged 3-D model, but other franchises have made the jump—to varying degrees of success—such as Garfield and Mickey Mouse. It still freaks me out to see Mickey in 3-D, however, which is why some traditional animation fans fantasize that the return to the art form for Disney may well come when the studio decides to do a feature-length film about the beloved rodent.


It’s also a bit strange that the likes of Paul Feig have been brought on for the project and it may suggest something about the tone of the film (sassy, sarcastic, adult-humor). In any case, it’s on its way now so we’ll see what that luck-less Chuck has to offer a whole new generation of viewers.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It was brought to our attention that the CG image originally used for this article’s main image was in fact from a Charlie Brown video game and not from the Blue Sky film itself. We apologize for any confusion we may have caused. Thank you for visiting the site.

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