Meh…’Tarzan 3D’ Trailer Released; Kellan Lutz the Biggest Draw

Tarzan 3D trailer

The newest trailer for Constantin Films and Reinhard Klooss’ Tarzan 3D was released this week and while it looks more interesting than it did a year ago, the animation definitely leaves much to be desired. Of course, the fact that Kellan Lutz (Twilight) stars as the lead has already garnered buzz aplenty on sites not usually known for their advocacy of animation. The plot seems to be the most interesting aspect of the German-produced take on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic story.

Tarzan, who we see involved in a helicopter crash that kills his parents in the beginning of the trailer, is subsequently raised by gorillas and we see him in his traditional loincloth zipping through the jungle a la swinging on vines. However, the plot thickens as we learn there is alien energy on the island and that the bad guy who took over Greystoke Energies after Tarzan’s parents’ deaths is the main antagonist to Tarzan.

The mo-cap animation (complete with uncanny valley) and so-so acting not withstanding, Tarzan may well prove to be an exciting film and the fact that it was produced in Bavaria and Hannover make it seem more exotic, if nothing else. It has already been released in Germany and Russia but there is no release date set for the US yet.

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