‘Frozen’ Update: Soundtrack Details, More Art, New Clips, and Early Reviews!


We’re one month away from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ latest feature Frozen opening in U.S. theaters. Lots is going on in preparation for the November 27 release of the film. Check out a brief recap of the latest happenings this week after the jump…


Soundtrack Coming November 25

The track listing has been revealed for the upcoming Frozen soundtrack, which will be available for purchase and download on November 25. The soundtrack will include tracks from the score written by Christophe Beck (Paperman, The Muppets, The Hangover trilogy) and the original songs written for the film by husband and wife duo Robert Lopez (Avenue Q, The Book of Mormon, Winnie the Pooh) and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (In Transit, Winnie the Pooh).

There will be two formats for the soundtrack: a single disc with all of the movie music (see list below) and a deluxe 2-disc soundtrack which includes the single disc soundtrack along with a second disc with outtakes, demo reels, and karaoke tracks.

Here’s the official Frozen original motion picture soundtrack listing:

  1. “Frozen Heart” (Performed by Cast)
  2. “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” (Performed by Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn and Katie Lopez)
  3. “For the First Time in Forever” (Performed by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel)
  4. “Love Is an Open Door” (Performed by Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana)
  5. “Let It Go” (Performed by Idina Menzel)
  6. “Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People” (Performed by Jonathan Groff)
  7. “In Summer” (Performed by Josh Gad)
  8. “For the First Time in Forever” (Reprise) (Performed by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel)
  9. “Fixer Upper” (Performed by Maia Wilson and Cast)
  10. “Let It Go” (Demi Lovato Version) (Performed by Demi Lovato)
  11. Vuelie (Featuring Cantus) (Score)
  12. Elsa and Anna (Score)
  13. The Trolls (Score)
  14. Coronation Day (Score)
  15. Heimr Arnadalr (Score)
  16. Winter’s Waltz (Score)
  17. Sorcery (Score)
  18. Royal Pursuit (Score)
  19. Onward and Upward (Score)
  20. Wolves (Score)
  21. The North Mountain (Score)
  22. We Were So Close (Score)
  23. Marshmallow Attack! (Score)
  24. Conceal, Don’t Feel (Score)
  25. Only An Act of True Love (Score)
  26. Summit Siege (Score)
  27. Return to Arendelle (Score)
  28. Treason (Score)
  29. Some People Are Worth Melting For (Score)
  30. Whiteout (Score)
  31. The Great Thaw (Vuelie Reprise) (Score)
  32. Epilogue (Score)

Christophe Beck used musical styles and instruments indigenous to the country of Norway, which also served as the inspiration for the art and design of the film. Beck used the Norwegian bukkehorn in the soundtrack, along with a Scandinavian vocal technique called kulning  which is akin to a shepherd’s herding call. Also included on the soundtrack is Cantus, a Norwegian all-female choir that performs traditional Norwegian music.

The Lopez duo were involved in the project from the start, sitting in on the early story meetings to discuss not only the music, but the characters and their motivations and desires. They then set out to write the music to expand and enhance the story.


If you pre-order the soundtrack now on iTunes, you’ll get an automatic download of Demi Lovato’s cover of the movie’s power ballad “Let It Go” (sung by Idina Menzel in the film). You can listen to the song now on disney.com. Demi Lovato’s official video for the song will be released on November 1.

Art Of Frozen

Plenty of Art

Walt Disney Animation Studios is now on Tumblr where they are posting lots of art and new clips, along with some cool fan art.

Also, make sure to follow Walt Disney Animation Studios on Facebook and Twitter where new art and clips are getting posted on a regular basis.

I personally thought these recently posted character visual development art selections were fantastic: Frozen Character Visual Development Art

New Video Clips

It seems like every day now we’re getting new clips from film, along with advertisements and other custom-made videos starring the film’s characters. Exclusive clips have been posted on multiple movie sites this week. Here are some samples:


People Are Seeing the Film

And last, but not least, Disney has begun screening the finished film. Reviews from critics and other people who have attended the pre-screenings are now appearing on Twitter (search #Frozen). Animation Fascination’s awesome editor-in-chief Marc Vibbert can also finally reveal that he’s seen the film (Marc saw a preliminary cut of the film and honored his embargo by not talking about it until now). From what we’re reading, people are digging on it. We can’t wait to see it! Is it November 27 yet?

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