Join the Kickstarter Campaign for Aardman’s ‘Morph’


Peter Lord (@PeteLordAardman) and his team at Aardman Animations want your help! Morph, one of the first clay characters created at Aardman, is a beloved character by many and has a passionate online fan base. The fans are so passionate, in fact, that Peter has decided to create 12 new online episodes starring the little guy. Peter has taken to to raise funds for the project.

The new episodes are going to be created in Aardman’s studios in Bristol, United Kingdom and are going to stay true to the original format by using clay and traditional stop-frame animation. The goal is to begin work in January 2014 and to start releasing episodes during summer 2014.

Peter says on his Kickstarter page:

“Something wondrous came along called ‘the Internet’ which broke down the divide between programme creators and their audience so that nowadays we don’t have to second-guess what our audience want, we can just ask them! I love the idea that Kickstarter can give us the creative freedom to fundraise and work directly with our audience. After checking with Morph’s Facebook fans it seems that they’d be interested too, which is a great start!  So now’s our chance, yours and mine together, to see how this can work out and how we can make some great new Morph films.”

The rewards for backing the project are definitely cool. They range from “pre-loved” clay used in Aardman productions, to crew t-shirts, signed prints, and even getting turned into a Morph character.


Find out all of the details on the project’s Kickstarter page and keep up to date with Morph on the official “Morph Files” website and Facebook page.

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