‘Turbo’ Turns Animated Series…FAST


It feels like only yesterday I was seeing the first previews for DreamWorks’ Turbo, but the film about a snail who dreams of being a racer that debuted this summer has already leant itself to a spinoff cartoon series to premiere this month. The show, titled Turbo FAST, will premiere on Netflix as their first original series for kids and will likely be a hit with very young children. I found the movie to be a predictable rehashing of far better scripts, but there were some moments and characters enjoyable to watch.

The trailer for the cartoon series leaves much to be desired from an adult perspective, although I think the redesign of the characters Turbo, Whiplash, Burn, Smoove Move, White Shadow, Skidmark and Chet into 2-D looks pretty interesting. I’m a little fatigued over the Flash animation style, but it’s cheap and quick—obviously—considering there will be 5 cartoons released “this holiday season” of a series that went into production only a few months ago.

This marks the first of what will be many made-for-TV cartoon series DreamWorks will bring to Netflix in 2014 and Jeffrey Katzenberg has been vocal about his happiness with the big deal to two companies struck this year.

I will check out the cartoon, but I’m not expecting anything revolutionary here—looks to be a cartoon aimed at a very young demographic about shallow things like going fast with lots of action and stunts (the characters’ crew is the Fast Action Stunt Team.) Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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