Christian Siriano Designs New Character for Disney’s ‘The Pirate Fairy’


Like it or lump it, the Disney Fairies franchise’s newest addition, The Pirate Fairy, which releases April 1st is the latest swashbuckling successor. Disney has enjoyed a good deal of critical and monetary success from the Fairy films, even though they have been direct-to-video releases. Tinker Bell, the first of the CG films based in Pixie Hollow, has an 89% Rotten Tomatoes rating. For The Pirate Fairy, Disney has something else to be proud of, having netted the highly acclaimed fashion designer Christian Siriano, who was the youngest winner of Project Runway and whose brand is worth millions in revenue to date, to work on character design.


"THE PIRATE FAIRY"Siriano is designing for Christina Hendricks’ (TV’s Mad Men) character, Zarina, the dust-keeper fairy that stars in The Pirate Fairy.  In an interview, Hendricks noted how funny it is that Siriano is designing for her animated character when he also has dressed her for many red-carpet events. Zarina’s ensemble is definitely pirate-y and fits in well with the Disney Fairy world. There’s nothing revolutionary about the design, but that’s probably what Disney wanted—just cool enough.

The storyline for the film looks promising—the fairies have to pursue Zarina who has stolen their blue fairy dust. Zarina has gone to Skull Rock to join some pirates and the fairies all get their powers magically mixed up. Tinker Bell is now a water-fairy and hilarity apparently ensues. We also get to see a prequel-esque backstory for Captain Hook and his magical pirate ship.


Overall, this bit of news about Siriano further piques my interest in a franchise I never thought I’d really give a darn about. I do believe in fairies! I do, I do, I do!

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