‘Star Wars Rebels’ Exec Producer Talks About New Series


With all of the crazy rumors floating around about a possible Pixar-created Star Wars film and the like (we’re taking a wait-and-see position on all of that business), we thought we’d focus on more substantiated Star Wars news—the currently-in-production Star Wars Rebels animated series.

Simon Kinberg, the executive producer of the series, recently sat down with the folks at Entertainment Weekly for an interview and was able to reveal a bit more information about the highly anticipated series. Some of the interview highlights include:

  • Q: So how did you land on the premise for the show?

  • A: “…I loved ‘Clone Wars’ [the Cartoon Network mini-series directed by Genndy Tartakovsky] and grew up with a lot of animated shows. So we just started to talk about where it would fall in the general Star Wars timeline…We pretty quickly got to this idea that though Rebel Alliance that was such an integral part of the movies, we know next to nothing about the formation of at least in terms of the movies and ‘The Clone Wars.’ There was nothing in the canon that had delved deep into it. That’s where it started — let’s tell the story of the formation of the heroes in the original movies. And that put us in a time line between episode III and IV. You don’t want to be too close to ‘New Hope’ so that it feels like it’s repetitive, you want to feel like you’re watching the earliest seeds of what will sprout into a full-blown rebellion.
  • Q: How will this look or feel different from ‘Clone Wars’?

  • A: It will look quite different. The intention of what I’ve seen so far, and we’re pretty far down the line, the intention is for it to feel quite different from ‘Clone Wars.’ The place we went back to as to a visual template was Ralph McQuarrie, who was one of the original concept artists for the original Star Wars films. His art is softer, a little more figurative, more of a feel of being drawn, less computer generated. The first few movies had a bit of a hand-made quality. We wanted the show to have that. There’s also in the archives where [creator George] Lucas keeps all the original art and props, there’s tons of art that’s McQuarrie’s musing on the Star Wars universe that was never used in the films. There’s places where we’ve quite literally taken world-creation or vehicles or creatures from his original art that was never used in the films and made that part of show.


  • Q: Will you include characters from the expanded universes, like Admiral Thrawn, or just the films and your own creations?

  • A: We have characters from all the different parts of the universe. One of the awesome resources is Pablo Hidalgo he’s the resident Star Wars genius and he knows everything of every possible word or image that was created for Star Wars. So we utilize him a lot and he’s very integrated into the process. He will say there’s a cool cantina in this comic book from 1994, or a cool creature that not all of us know. He will bring that stuff to us. Or we’ll task him we’re trying to create a muscle for this villain with a cool back story. Sometimes it will be a character or a planet we don’t know about. Instead of being just an Easter egg, sometimes it will turn into an a whole episode.
  • Q: Are Darth Vader and the Emperor in the show? And if so is any possibility of the original voice talent being used?

  • A: I don’t think I’m allowed to answer that. I can say that wherever possible we would want to use the original talent.

Again, to read the entire interview, visit EW.com. Star Wars Rebels premiers on Disney XD in the fall of 2014. Stay tuned to Animation Fascination for the latest Star Wars Rebels news and updates.

Source: EW.com

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