Live Action/CG Hybrid ‘Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers’ in Development at Disney


Did you ever watch the animated series Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers on either The Disney Afternoon programming block or on Disney Channel? (Now do you have that catchy theme song song running through your head?) According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has picked up a pitch for a live action/CG hybrid feature film based on the series.

The film is being written by Robert Rungan, who is an award-winning director of TV commercials. His clients have included Visa, IFC, HBO, Kodak, and Nikon. The film will be produced by the Disney-based production group Mandeville Film/TV, which is the same team that has been working on the revived Muppets franchise for Disney.

Disney’s perennially classic characters Chip (smaller black nose and front teeth together) and Dale (larger red nose and a gap in between front teeth) made their debut in the 1943 animated short Private Plutoalthough they didn’t officially get their names until their third animated short Chip an’ Dale in 1947. The Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers series made its television debut in 1989 and ran for three seasons. While the short films featured Chip and Dale mostly being annoying to Mickey, Donald, and Pluto, the Rescue Rangers series had the animated chipmunks as part of a crime fighting detective agency. We’re excited to see what direction the film will take. Let’s hope it’s not The Smurfs or Garfield.

Sources: Hollywood Reporter, Disney Wiki

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