Watch This (With Headphones): Wildseed Studios Unveils First Animated Short

Battle of Serengeti 2

Wildseed Studios, the creative startup studio co-founded by Miles Bullough (formerly with Aardman Animations) and Jesse Cleverly (formerly with BBC), has released their first animated short on their YouTube channel. Titled Battle at Serengeti, the animated short is based on the comics of underground British artist Ralph Kidson “where punchy and loutish animals launch into foul-mouthed tirades against each other at the slightest provocation” according to the press release. With an emphasis on “foul-mouthed” (you have been warned), here’s the video…

Formed in 2013, Wildseed Studios is a “next generation entertainment content incubator” that wants to help talented artists and content creators get their work into the public eye. According to Wired UK:

Wildseed will provide funding and mentorship to content creators across a wide range of channels, be it an app, web series, game, book, movie, live show or pilot. They will make up to 50 investments of up to £10,000 over the next three years to help get their idea commissioned, developed and distributed. The first investment aims to develop an idea to the point where it can be put in front of an audience to gauge their reaction.

Co-founder Jesse Cleverly said:

…the company came from “a contradictory observation”: on one hand content creators have never had it so easy in terms of the lowered barriers to entry to production. But on the other hand, they’ve never had it so hard. “When I went into the media there were training opportunities, a career path, mentorship, and finance. You’re problem now is that yes you can turn yourself into a production company and a broadcaster, but how the hell do you get out of your bedroom?”

For more information, check out Wildseed Studios on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Wired UK

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