New ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ App Launches


After canceling their proposed “Disney Studio All Access” online service over a year ago, The Walt Disney Studios has finally green-lit and launched their latest digital streaming movie service now known as Disney Movies Anywhere. The service allows you to stream your Disney, Pixar, and Marvel digital movie collection on your computer or mobile device, and allows you to browse and purchase a wide variety of Disney films.

The service requires registration at If you link your online Disney account (including your Disney Movie Rewards account) and your Apple iTunes account, Disney is offering a free digital copy of The Incredibles as your prize for signing up. You can download the Disney Movies Anywhere app today on the iTunes Store.


The awesome Disney blogger Stitch Kingdom had a chance to visit with Disney’s chief technology officer Jamie Voris about the new service and had this to say about the app:

At the heart of the application (the web version is virtually identical save for a few minor differences) is ‘My Collection’ where consumers will be able to access their Disney library, either via streaming and/or downloading directly to the device (only the app can download, however). How movies find their way into the ‘My Collection’ section is as varied as one might image: purchase directly from the ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ app; type in the magic code in the ‘Disney Movie Rewards’ section (for discs that come with a digital copy); any previously digital copies claimed through iTunes; or even those movies claimed under the now-shuttered ‘Disney Movies Online’ service can be found greeting the consumer (assuming the Disney account matches up). In many cases, adding films to the ‘My Collection’ library also unlocks bonus features which can be streamed at the consumer’s leisure. As an added bonus, purchasing films through ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ even includes Disney Movie Rewards points which should be a welcome move to Disney movie enthusiasts.

The “Discover” section of the new app sounds intriguing as well. Stitch Kingdom wrote:

One of the other highlights of the ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ that Voris seemed quite pleased with, and rightfully so, is the Discover section of the app. Here, ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ will offer free access to ancillary videos related to the films of Walt Disney, much of which has never been seen on the digital platform, if seen at all by the viewing public in many years. On top of that, ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ will have exclusive content not available anywhere else and in fact launches with a behind-the-scenes look at one of Frozen‘s bonus features, aptly titled ‘The Making of “The Making Of Frozen,“‘ the bonus music video written by the films’ songwriters Robert and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Other bonus features, classic shorts and even the half hour featurette ‘Mickey and the Beanstalk’ are available at launch and Voris promises much more content to come, all free (with the prerequisite of a free Disney account).

I have downloaded the iOS app and will be trying it out this week. Stay tuned for a future report.

Are you going to check out the new Disney Movies Anywhere app? Let us know about your experiences with it in the comments below.

Source: Disney, Stitch Kingdom

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