Will Everything Be Awesome This Weekend For ‘The LEGO Movie’


It’s kind of exciting to read headlines like “Will Non-Stop,” the action thriller starring Liam Neeson, “take down The LEGO Movie?”  The fact that an animated film starring plastic building blocks could continually fare so well in the competitive box office is just amazing. The LEGO Movie won its third straight week as top grosser last weekend with $31 million more in revenue for its pot.

Of course, success of any kind welcomes dissent and that is only amplified when the success comes from a “lower” art form like animation. Critics and certain folk who have not seen the film question the notion that the movie is anything different from the other six dozen animated features out each year, but this film has already shown some resilient staying power with moviegoers.

Another facet to add to this upcoming weekend is the “Oscar effect,” or the notion that this weekend will drive more “serious” filmgoers out to see more “serious” films. The LEGO Movie has pretty much flabbergasted everyone who has prepared themselves for a mediocre film, but will it be enough to maintain the top-spot this weekend? Only time—and maybe a little KRA**GL** can tell.

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