Fantastic New Disney and Pixar Movie Poster Art on Exhibit This Week at SXSW


In conjunction with this year’s SXSW Festival, The Walt Disney Company’s Oh My Disney blog and the always awesome Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas, have joined forces for an incredible exhibit of original poster art celebrating films from the Disney Studios (both live action and animation) and Pixar Animation Studios.

The exhibit, entitled “Nothing’s Impossible,” will take place March 7th through March 11th at the Mondo Gallery, located at 4115 Guadalupe Street in Austin Texas. The posters on display will also be available for purchase (in limited quantities, of course, as all Mondo releases are done).


New works from the following artists will be displayed (listed alphabetically by last name):

  • Martin Ansin
  • Bill Baumann
  • Anne Benjamin
  • Daniel Danger
  • Jason Edmiston
  • Kilian Eng
  • Graham Erwin
  • Francesco Francavilla
  • Hero Design Studio
  • Brandon Holt
  • Aaron Horkey
  • Rich Kelly
  • Landland
  • Methane Studios
  • Mike Mitchell
  • Dave Perillo
  • Dave Petersen
  • Phantom City Creative
  • J.C. Richard
  • Jay Ryan
  • Jay Shaw
  • Todd Slater
  • Jeff Soto
  • Ken Taylor
  • Tiny Kitten Teeth
  • Kevin Tong
  • Tom Whalen

Some of the art has already been shared with news outlets online, including Entertainment Weekly and Wired. A preview is also on display online at the Oh My Disney website.

Martin-Ansin-Beauty-and-the-Beast  Rich-Kelly-Sword-in-the-Stone  Jeff-Soto-Fantasia

Kevin-Tong-Up             Kevin-Tong-Wall-E

To stay up to date on the festivities as well as learn when the limited edition posters will be available for purchase, follow Mondo on Twitter.

Source: Slash Film

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