Shiver me Timbers! Hook Croons in New ‘The Pirate Fairy’ Clip

Pirate Fairy Tom Hiddleston

Ahoy there! Your official The Pirate Fairy news coverage continues with a new clip of Tom Hiddleston (Thor, Marvel’s The Avengers) as Hook singing “The Frigate that Flies.” This clip may actually turn some away from what was beginning to look like an interesting addition to the Pixie Hollow treasury as the song isn’t exactly Frozen-esque in its awesomeness (or lack thereof.)  Singing pirates? Check it out for yourself.

The clip includes a brief commentary from Hiddleston about his character in the film and how as a child even though you’re afraid of Hook, you also kind of like him. (Not entirely different from how I feel about Loki). Even though the song isn’t very catchy, the voice acting of Hiddleston seems to fit and overall this clip adds another layer of intrigue to my mounting desire to see this movie.

Disney’s newest installment in its Fairies franchise sets sail on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD April 1st.

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