Accio ‘Harry Potter’ Hogwarts Collection

Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection Remember in 2012 when that really awesome Harry Potter Wizards Collection came out in that sweet chest thing with 31 discs, that crazy epic behind-the-scenes documentary and a bunch of cool add-ons like the horcrux locket and a cloth map? Remember how you felt when you saw that it was priced at 500 American dollars? (you sure that’s not in knuts?) Yeah, it hurt. But they’re softening the blow a bit by releasing the Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection in about a month (available for order now on Amazon) at the slightly more feasible price tag of $250.

This set still looks pretty amazing, with what appears to be the exact same content on its 31 discs. The eight-part documentary, Creating the World of Harry Potter is included along with all the features with many extended scenes and tons more bonus features to make you eat your muggle heart out.

Check out the bonus features available on the bonus disc included with the Blu-ray collection (over three hours):

  • “The Harry Potters You Never Met” – Meet the stunt doubles for Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson as they demonstrate how they balanced major stunt work while seamlessly mimicking the actors they represented.
  •  “Designing the World of Harry Potter” – Explore how production designer Stuart Craig and his creative team brought J.K. Rowling’s imagination to life on the screen.
  •  “When Harry Left Hogwarts” (Extended Version) – Hear candid and emotional stories about the final days on set in this extended behind-the-scenes look.
  •  “50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments” (Definitive Version) – Take a look back with cast members who share their on and off-screen memories.
  •  “Secrets Revealed! Quidditch” – At last, the secrets behind the special effects required for the breathtaking Quidditch scenes are revealed.
  •  “Secrets Revealed! Hagrid”– See the camera tricks, towering stand-in and voluminous body suits behind the beloved Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts.

Potter Bonus Features

Since all 30,000 copies of the Wizards Collection sold out anyway, there’s no use lamenting what is gone. Time to embrace the $250 future (or maybe wait for two more years for another collection, perhaps one packaged in a blank box for $125). If you can afford to pick this up, get on it.

You can pick up your own copy of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection on April 29th!

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