Hot Topic Releases Exclusive ‘Maleficent’ Merch


As no-brainers go, this is a 100% lobotomy. Of course Hot Topic is going to carry Disney’s Maleficent products! This is like the culmination of all things Hot Topic—Disney (check!), edgy-borderline goth villain (check!), curious teen tempted by the dark side (check!), possibilities for an infinite amount of dark, cool hipster apparel and accessories from aforementioned checklist (CHECKMATE!).

Disney and Hot Topic just announced that the line of clothing and Maleficent paraphernalia will debut in May with online pre sale beginning April 15th. Cindy Levitt, the SVP for Hot Topic Merchandising and Marketing said:

“We just knew we had to design a dark and edgy collection – because it’s exactly the kind of fashion our customers love.”

That’s an understatement.

Maleficent_Hot Topic

The Maleficent apparel line includes seven pieces—all black (of course!) with various accents of faux leather, Maleficent icons and skull charms. The list includes a corset dress, a waistcoat, a high-collar dress and button-front dress, a corset top and a cape (whoa! Are capes coming back? Wait, were capes ever here?). All pieces are priced right around $50. There are also two “Aurora” themed pieces for the Hot Topic lover who is still a good girl at heart—a white bell-sleeved dress and a lace top. The press release also mentions that accessories and products to accompany these high-end pieces will be available, and I’m sure they will be extensive.

If there were ever a merchandising match made in heaven, this surely is it. Hot Topic is all about edgy, almost bad guys. Not scary, like a tattoo parlor, but almost—like a temporary tattoo parlor, if they exist. In the words of the press release, “The collection is dark and mysterious like Maleficent herself.” So, if you are as jazzed up about this Disney villain film as so many angst-ridden adolescents, double up on that eyeliner and get to your nearest mall this May.

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