Hunting Easter Eggs with Lee Unkrich

Alec Presto

Pixar has a cool little video up on the new Disney Movies Anywhere app showcasing one of the neat things about their films that had thus far gone on without much official commentary from them. The famous “Easter-eggs” Pixar has hidden throughout their films are as much fan favorites as staying until the two post-credit scenes in a Marvel flick. From A113 to the Pizza Planet truck, (even in Brave!) some of us have been watching out for these “Easter-eggs” for a long time now.

The three-minute video featured in the Discover section of the Disney app is certainly not a comprehensive accumulation of the little gems those geniuses have sprinkled throughout their universe, but it’s definitely an interesting summarization, especially for folks who are unfamiliar with the tradition. I’m sure some Pixar aficionados will sneer at the mainstream unveiling of what has remained an underground-ish phenomenon, but it’s not really that much of a secret anymore anyhow.

To me, the coolest insertions in Pixar’s films are of upcoming films, so that in the theatres I never spot them because I don’t know what the characters look like. This means I usually am in for a treat when I view the film years later from home and am like, “Hey! That’s Dug!” In the little clip, there are even a few eggs I never noticed like a can of grape soda linking Toy Story to Up! There are some cool sites that list the eggs people have found, but I think it really is more fun to find them on your own.

Either way, happy hunting and happy Easter!

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