Director of New ‘Smurfs’ Movie Launches Tumblr Blog


I am not a fan of The Smurfs, particularly the hybrid live-action/CG films that Sony Pictures Animation released in 2011 and 2013. When the story came out that Sony was going to make yet another Smurfs film, it sounded like less than thrilling news to me.

But maybe there’s hope for this new film after all. It’s not going to be a live-action/CG hybrid like its predecessors from Sony, but rather a full length CG animated feature.

Director Kelly Asbury (Gnomeo and Juliet, Shrek 2) has launched a new blog that is going to document the production of the yet-to-be-titled film. The blog, called “The Blue Print,” is located at “The Blue Print” blog will be a showcase for art from the film as well as be a forum for the team to make announcements, (like the upcoming title), share information, engage with fans, etc.

The Smurfs 3

New concept art of Smurf Village is the first image to be added to the blog. Asbury stated about the image:

“Equally exciting to me is the fact that this all new fully animated ‘Smurfs’ project will have a completely different look than most any other previous version of the world-famous franchise and, while I can’t yet show you all of the fantastic artwork that has been produced so far, I will share a tiny sneak peek.”

Make sure to check out Kelly Asbury’s movie director’s blog and get ready for The Smurfs to invade U.S. theaters again in August 2015. And connect with Sony Pictures Animation on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube.

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