‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Trailer Set to be Released on May the Fourth


Star Wars fans rejoice! If you thought that this week couldn’t get any bigger for Star Wars news think again! This Sunday, May 4th will be the debut of the official trailer for Disney’s Star Wars: Rebels.

The highly anticipated series takes place in between Episode III and Episode IV. It will focus on a group of characters fighting the newly formed Galactic Empire. One of the new books being released, Star Wars: A New Dawn, will focus on a pilot (Hera) and a former Jedi (Kanan) who survived the Purge. According to the folks at Lucasfilm this series will be official canon when it comes to the continuity of the series, it will also be a little more lighthearted than its predecessor The Clone Wars.

The full trailer will appear not only on multiple TV networks but websites that Disney operates as well on Sunday. This is a great time to be a Star Wars fan with a new trilogy coming up as well as multiple spin-off movies, the “galaxy far, far away” is getting closer and closer. My only hope with this series is that viewers might get to see Ashoka one more time but a little more grown up.

Star Wars: Rebels will premiere on Disney this fall and then move to Disney X-D after the pilot episode airs. Keep it here for all your Rebels news.

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