Smurfin’ Around: Sony Moves ‘Goosebumps’ to 2015, ‘Smurfs’ to 2016


Sony announced Thursday that they will be pushing back the release date for their third installment of The Smurfs franchise from August 2015 to August 2016. They are consequently pulling Goosebumps, the feature based on the popular 90’s R.L. Stine books, up from March 2016 to August 2015.

This news may strike some as inconsequential in the scheme of animation as many are ho-hum about the Smurfs thus far, but the change in direction for the Smurfs to entirely CG has me genuinely curious (if not excited) to see a cartoon I enjoyed as a child on the big screen. Director Kelly Asbury even said that the new Smurfs has “a more Peyo look,” which is a reference to the style of the Belgian artists who created the creatures in the 50’s.

I am also pretty jazzed to see how Sony treats another beloved gem of my childhood with the R.L. Stine themed feature next year. Jack Black plays Stine, who is written in the film as an author who protects the world by capturing all the evil nightmares into his books. Sony has a fair-to-midland track record with me and, as I’ve said before after my tour of the studio for Cloudy 2, I appreciate the quaint, quirky charm of their studio. I’m proud of them for pushing back Smurfs if that means they are putting more time and consideration into making it good.

So don’t be too blue about the pushback and enjoy Goosebumps next fall just in time for Halloween!

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