Enter the Spotify/Talenthouse Animation Art Contest


Attention all animators and artists—Spotify (the streaming music service) and Talenthouse (the online talent agency) are looking for animators and artists to create new advertising spots for Spotify’s #NowFeeling branding campaign.

The winning individual will receive part of a cash prize pool and their work will be highlighted and promoted in Spotify’s paid media campaigns and social media channels.


The #NowFeeling campaign is targeting 18-24 year-olds “for whom music plays an important role in developing their identity, navigating life, and connecting with people around them.” Spotify and Talenthouse are asking for artists and animators to submit video or art that “design a vision that expresses how music connects us all, which links to an emotion or experience or an important person in their life and conveys how it makes them feel. It could be based upon real moments from their own past or something shared with a friend or loved one.”

Deadline for entries is June 16th, 2014. To submit a video entry, click here. To submit an art entry, click here. Good luck!

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