Cool Off This Summer at Disneyland: ‘Frozen’ Added to Soundsational Parade


Full disclosure for those who don’t know—I work at the Happiest Place on Earth. One of my roles there is guest control for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, which is the parade currently running at Disneyland. It is a cute parade with a “musical celebration” theme tying the floats together. I’ve seen it about 15,000 times now and I have to admit that I still really enjoy it. It’s no Parade of Dreams, but it’s really fun. A few days ago, Disney Parks officially announced that they will be adding a pre-parade float to the Soundsational mix starring Arendelle’s sweethearts, Anna, Elsa and Olaf. Let the madness begin.

On busy days, we have guests beginning to line up for the parade about an hour before show time. Also in Fantasyland (where I work, specifically) is the Anna and Elsa meet and greet, located between Pinocchio’s Daring Journey and The Village Haus Restaurant. To put the difference between the parade and the meet and greet into perspective, I once ran at park opening directly to the Frozen queue and it was already an hour-and-a-half wait. It is regularly five to six hours. So I haven’t entirely warmed up to the idea as I anticipate the Frozen frenzy that this new float will undoubtedly unleash on the land. The Disney-land, that is.

Admittedly, I am totally fan-girling out in anticipation of the cool new float. First, I love parades. Also, the design looks very Brittney Lee-esque, which makes me downright giddy. It will also be nice to get to see little kids whose parents (rightly) refuse to wait a third of their Disney day standing in a line to say HI for five seconds to some girls in costumes actually get to experience a bit of Frozen fun in the park.

HOWEVER, I am also scared to death of those parents who do wait for six hours to meet Anna and Elsa and what lengths they will go to when they see the girls passing by only feet away from them. Words like “Black Friday at Walmart” and “stampede in the gorge—Simba’s down there!” are fluttering through my brain. I only hope myself and my fellow cast members can somehow keep the raging sea of crazed children and even crazier adults at bay. We just can’t show any fear: Conceal, don’t feel—don’t let them know. Make one wrong move and everyone will know!

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