“Animation Fascination” Episode 69: X-Men – Days of Animated Past

AF 69

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The mutant brotherhood of Marc Vibbert, Stanford Clark, and Tom Fonss unite to talk all about the X-Men. They discuss their favorite animated incarnations of these astonishing mutants on television and film throughout the years.

So join them as they enroll at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, bub!

Also Discussed: the voice acting documentary I Know That Voice, what’s next for Star Wars, the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, and the Disney Blu-ray releases in August.

(Recorded on 05/19/14)

*Note: Sentinels began messing with our audio feed near the end of the recording; we apologize. *

90s X-Men Sentinel

1 thought on ““Animation Fascination” Episode 69: X-Men – Days of Animated Past

  1. For anyone who has not watched X-Men: Evolution or Wolverine and the X-Men, you’re in for a real treat. Watch them. Evolution is a little slow at hooking you, but it is still a solid series. The final season is tightly-woven and pays off. Wolverine and the X-Men is easily my favorite series, and yes, I like the Fox X-Men series a lot too. Wolverine and the X-Men, as Marc pointed out, tells a serialized story through the entire season. It has beautiful animation, smart writing, great character development…I can’t say enough about it. I own it on Blu-ray and it just looks great. And I believe there is commentary for every episode. I found both of these series on Netflix and gave them a chance, not having heard much about either, which is a shame because that tells me not many people latched onto them and they happen to be two outstanding series.

    Marc, I don’t believe the kids in Evolution were attending the Xavier school. They were instead attending normal classes and were supposed to blend in and hide their powers, were they not? That is why Nightcrawler had to hide his mutation, as did the other mutants. They went to school with the evil mutants, which is another reason I don’t believe they were in the Xavier school.

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