‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ Season Three to Include More Characters from Marvel Universe and Spider-Verse


Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man TV series will begin its third season on Disney X-D on August 31st. Season three, which includes the title tagline Web Warriors, will have bunch of guest stars from the Marvel Universe and from the “Spider-Verse,” introducing Peter Parker (voiced by our friend Drake Bell) to many of his Spidey counterparts from various alternate realities.

Stephen Wacker, former Spider-Man editor at Marvel Comics and current vice president at Marvel Television’s animation division, talked to USA Today about season three of Ultimate Spider-Man:

“The new episodes are going to really show how important Spider-Man — and by extension Peter Parker — is to the entire universe we’ve built. Spider-Man is the center of everything we do. He’s arguably the face of our company, him and Robert Downey Jr.”

Guests from the Marvel Universe for season three include Doctor Strange, Cloak and Dagger, Ka-Zar, Amadeus Cho, and Agent Venom. “All these appearances are leading up to a big story late in the season,” according to Wacker. “The kid who’s watching every single week is going to be rewarded with a story that really connects at the end.”


Season three will also include a cool four-episode “Spider-Verse” story line where Peter Parker will meet Iron Spider, Spider-Man Noir, Peter Porker/The Spectacular Spider-Ham, Petra Parker/Spider-Girl, Spider-Man 2099, and Miles Morales (Wacker assures us that we’ll “be able to see a straight line from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic to the Miles Morales we see in animation”). Spider-Man comics will have their own “Spider-Verse” crossover coming up soon and this Ultimate Spider-Man story line will provide a starting point.

Wacker says Spidey’s the “perfect conduit” to bring all of these characters together “because he’s the character we associate with Marvel the most.”

Seasons one and two of Ultimate Spider-Man are available on Netflix.

Source: USA Today

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