Five Stars for Gusteau and Remy in Disneyland Paris


With a full name like Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy, you know it’s gonna be good! And according to statements following a press event and soft opening this weekend, the new mini-land modeled after Ratatouille in the Walt Disney Studios Park of Disneyland Paris is a remarkable addition to Disney’s repertoire (French, get it?)

 The new Ratatouille land is inside the Toon Studio park of Disneyland Paris, which some consider to be one of the weaker Disney parks in the world. Bistrot Chez Rémy, a fine dining restaurant, coupled with the Rémy ride and an ambiance reminiscent of Pixar’s eighth feature film, have given Disney fans something to squeak about.

The ride runs on a trackless system like some other Disney has rolled out in Hong Kong and Tokyo. The cars are shaped like rats and guests travel into rooms with 3D dome screens that make you feel like you’re a little rodent scurrying through a kitchen. The overall experience has been received with great excitement thus far and, of course, some of the smallest touches are what set the land and attraction apart from the competition.

One of my favorite details I came across looking through photos and video was a fountain in the center of the land with sculptures of rats (modeled after the 2D credits in the film) holding up champagne bottles that seem to be constantly flowing with bubbly goodness. You can also see an animated Gusteau sign in a city block that is straight out of the film.

Bistrot Chez Remy

The menu for the restaurant is available online and it sounds so delicious, I believe Remy would be proud. The restaurant is themed like the ride, so that the guests take on the POV of the little chef himself. The decor is oversized accordingly and, of course, ratatouille is on the menu. Of all the Disney parks across the globe, I have longed to check out Disneyland Paris the most –now more than ever!

To all those lucky enough to go–Bon Appetit!

The Rémy ride officially opens to the public on July 10th.

2 thoughts on “Five Stars for Gusteau and Remy in Disneyland Paris

  1. This attraction is the only thing that would entice me to visit Disneyland Paris. That and to check off visiting every Disney Parks off my list. 😛

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