Live-Action ‘Frozen’ Cast Selected for ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’


Do you watch the ABC television series Once Upon a Time? If so, you know that the series had a doozy of a season ender last May when an image of a live-action Elsa from Walt Disney Animation Studios‘ mega-hit Frozen appeared in the final frames of the episode.

ABC has now released the names of the actual actors who will play the characters from Frozen in season four of the popular show. Playing Elsa will be actress Georgina Haig. According to, she is probably best known to TV viewers as Henrietta “Etta” Bishop on Fox’s Fringe. She also has a role in the CBS summer drama Reckless.

OUAT Frozen Cast

Anna will be played by newcomer Elizabeth Lail. In the role of Kristoff will be Greek alum Scott Michael Foster. has confirmed that the roles will be recurring in Once Upon a Time season four. No other Frozen characters have been announced for the show.


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