Alice is Now IN Wonderland at Disneyland

Alice Disneyland

This is a brief update from your resident Disneyland Cast Member!

We just reopened the Alice in Wonderland attraction in Fantasyland, which had been closed for nearly six months, and the reception has been understandably great. Even as CM’s, we don’t know what the heck is really going on while an attraction is down—no matter how much one of our coworkers claims to have heard “backstage.” We all thought Alice was undergoing basic fall-protection work, like It’s A Small World recently received, but they really went all out in updating Alice, much to the surprise and delight of myself and my fellow FL CM’s. (Get used to abbreviations, cause DL is AAT).

What I love the MOST about the updated show of Alice is the animation effects. Check out the video to see a POV of the ride, but also visit if you can and witness the awesomeness in person. There are nearly a dozen added animation pieces dispersed throughout the attraction and several Alice dolls, which look like they are original to the ride, but are actually brand new. The old ride only had one creepy Alice that has been removed—now Alice shows up throughout the attraction as she ought to.

Ride before and after update:

The blending of animation and puppets in this attraction may be exceptionally fitting because of the nature of Alice being thrust into Wonderland, where things are so different. So, I have been wondering if the same sort of overhaul would suit other “dark” rides in Fantasyland, like Snow White and Pinocchio. If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment below! And, if you make it out to SoCal, come check out AIW, the coolest update to FL in a LOOOOONG time!

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