Watch This: Meet Agent Kallus from ‘Star Wars Rebels’


It’s time to meet another new character from the upcoming Star Wars Rebels TV series. Meet baddie Agent Kallus, an ISB (Imperial Security Bureau) agent who is a no-nonsense enforcer for (and upwardly mobile member of) the Empire. According to Rebels director Dave Filoni, Agent Kallus is “a poster boy for the Empire and its success and efficiency.”

Actor David Oyelowo provides a fantastic, sinister voice for the character. Lucasfilm’s director of creative content strategy Carrie Beck thinks Oyelowo is very convincing in the role. “David brings a voice that is very authoritative and very commanding and very cool,” she says, “without betraying any sense of insecurity or weakness.”

Agent Kallus’ character is also overtly revealed in his design, with his “classic gray Imperial military attire along with a threatening helmet for field missions,” not to mention his “distinct angled facial hair” and a scowl that would do Wilhuff Tarkin/Peter Cushing proud.

According to Filoni:

“I don’t know that Kallus would think that what he’s doing is really evil. He’s just doing his job for the Empire, and he believes in the Empire… So, Kallus — definitely an interesting character and one to watch out for. Especially if you’re a rebel.”

Star Wars Rebels premieres this fall on Disney X-D. And if you’re going to San Diego Comic Con this month, make sure to check out all of the Star Wars Rebels awesomeness happening there.

Source: Star Wars YouTube Channel

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