More About the ‘Frozen’ Storyline Coming to ‘Once Upon a Time’

Frozen OUAT

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the writers/producers of ABC‘s hit show Once Upon a Time, talked in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly and shared more details about how they are incorporating characters from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ mega-hit Frozen into the show. Check out the full interview on

Here are some highlights:

  • The story arc in the TV show will pick up right where the film left off.
  • They are less interested in exploring who Elsa will be romantically involved with (they’re not “planning to put Elsa on,” according to Horowitz); rather, they will continue to explore the relationship between the sisters.
  • About their involvement with a possible Frozen sequel that may or may not be in development at the studio, Horowitz said “Anything going on with the franchise in terms of future movies is happening within the Disney corporation. We’re doing our own thing in a way to not preclude anything from happening down the line.”
  • Elizabeth Mitchell is either going to be the girls’ mother (who survived the boat capsizing) or the original Snow Queen (my bet is the Snow Queen, but we’ll see–what if she’s both?).
  • Alas, Olaf is not going to be in the show (but they said they’ve cast Sven …and would you really want to see a creepy CG snowman? Haha).

Season four of ABC’s Once Upon a Time is scheduled to premiere on September 28th, 2014.


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