2D Animation Not Dead at Disney

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At the ‘Art of Big Hero 6 panel held recently at San Diego Comic-Con, new footage from the upcoming Walt Disney Animation Studios film was shown to the enthusiastic crowd in attendance. It was also confirmed during the presentation that 2D animation is truly not dead at Disney.

Sitting on the panel were co-director Don Hall, producer Roy Conli, production designer Paul Felix, visual effects supervisor Kyle Odermatt, character designer Shiyoon Kim, visual development artist Lorelay Bove, and actor Ryan Potter (the voice of Hiro). Although no photography was allowed, people were able to tweet during the presentation. Many bloggers have written up excellent reviews of the event, including Inside the Magic and io9.

Ricky Brigante at Inside the Magic sent the following tweets:

DIsney 2D

disney 2d part 2

For Disney fans, what’s most likely required is a belief that John Lasseter and team are telling the truth—that the art form is not dead at the company, that hand drawn animation is still part of the process, and that perhaps someday when the story and director are right, we’ll see some type of 2D animated feature film again from Disney on the big screen.

Sources: Inside the Magic, io9

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